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 Eno , UD Warlock

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PostSubject: Eno , UD Warlock   Eno , UD Warlock EmptyWed Mar 10, 2010 4:28 am

Real name: Jo Van Extergem
Age: 30
Nationality: Belgian

Character Name: Eno
Character Class and Level: Warlock, 80
Your talent spec: Affliction
Your "/played" on this character: 136 days, most playtime is from way back, started this character again since January 2010.

Armory link:


If you are a hybrid class then please log out in your appropriate gear. (Please describe your gear status if not applicable):

PVE-score via Gearscore: 5027

If your application is accepted do you agree to keeping the character you applied with as your main and also stick with the spec you applied with unless otherwise advised by the officers ? ( This question must be answered to make your application valid )


Alt Characters (Name/Class/level/Server):




Raid experience (Pre-TBC & Post-TBC): BWL/ZG/AQ/Naxx & Kara/SSC/Gruul/Magh
Raid experience (WoTLK): Naxx

What makes you interested in joining Elysium?

I heard about the guild from a friend. It sounds very nice and since I would like to raid again ,and if possible with friends, I would like to give it a shot with an apply.

Why do you think you would be a good addition to Elysium?

I’m not the most experienced player on WOTLK but I have experience throughout the game. I’m playing the game for almost 5 years now so I know my classes and I’m used to being part of a bigger group. Always open for discussion and criticism and ready to help out people.

A social & friendly player, been around for a long time so I know what the game is about.

Are you always raid ready with reagents for buffs and stocked up on food buffs, pots and flasks?

Yes, if someone can make them for me because I still lack my own alchemist.

Do you have a working microphone, and Ventrilo installed?


What guilds, on Outland or your original server, were you previously in?

Originally started on Bladefist then migrated to Outland.

Instinct & Not For Hire on Outland. Currently in Distorted (friends alt & leveling guild)

Why did you leave each of your previous guilds?

Because I took some breaks from the game due to work and other interests in life. So I left the guilds I was active in at that time.

What do you expect from us?

A friendly, social environment where I can grow as a player together with the guild with known and future friends. A way to experience more game content with a nice group of people.

Have fun and laughter when playing the game & achieve new heights with this group.

Does anyone else play on your account or characters?


Do you have previous MMO experience?


What are your professions? (Prof, skill level, specialisation)

Enchating – 450 / Shadow Tailoring – 448 on Eno

Herbalism, Mining, Inscription, Jewelcrafting also on 450 on alts.

What time can you raid till on weekdays? (Server Time)

20h00–01h00 – Can stay later if needed but not every raid evening due to work. My boss has played the game too so he knows when I arrive at work with sleepy eyes. =D

Is your connection stable(dc often in 25 mans?), your computer good enough to raid with?

Yes (No), Yes

If you wish to raid with the guild are you able to attend on at least 3 nights a week?


Do you know anyone in Elysium? Please write their name(s) and your relationship with them:

Sven aka Bubblebabe – IRL friend and gaming buddy since the “NES” days.

Is there anyone who would be willing to be your sponsor? (A sponsor is a good friend who feels that you are definitely a good addition to Elysium, therefore giving you an advantage.) List name(s) please:

And finally, please tell us a bit about yourself:

Typical Belgian guy who loves games, sports & and an occasional party. 30 years young and living single atm, so I have nobody to boss me around or restrict me to play … I love a good movie and/or beer ;-) and always up for a laugh.
Also a football fan so watching it and talking about it I love to do.

Tell us a joke (nothing offensive):

One day, a tourist arrives a Brussels Airport and grabs a taxi. He greets the driver and asks him to bring him to his hotel. The driver starts his taxi and moves towards Brussels. On the route they pass by the “Atomium” (A big monument in Belgium) and the tourist wonders what that big structure is, so he thinks to ask the driver.
So he bends over and taps the driver’s shoulder …
All the sudden the driver lets out a horrifying scream, looses control over the steering wheel, nearly misses a bus and comes to a stop on the sidewalk in front of a group of photographing Japanese tourists.

... A moment of silence in the car …

Then the driver tells the tourist to not do that anymore in the future because he almost scared himself to death. The tourist is surprised by the heavy reaction of the driver after the gently pat so he excuses himself to the driver to which the driver replies:
“No Sir, it’s not your fault. It’s just my first day as a cabdriver and I’ve driven a hearse for 25 years before.”

Well this is it, hope it was fun reading and hope to hear from you soon.


Eno – delivering corpses since 2005…
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PostSubject: Re: Eno , UD Warlock   Eno , UD Warlock EmptyWed Mar 10, 2010 5:14 am

Accepted any friend of bubs is a friend of ours.

on acceptance read the forums and raid info area.
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Eno , UD Warlock
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