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World of Warcraft - Horde Guilde - Outland Europe
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 New Application Dabis Survival Hunter

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PostSubject: New Application Dabis Survival Hunter   New Application Dabis Survival Hunter EmptyTue Mar 02, 2010 2:58 pm

Real name:Stavros

Character Name:Dabis
Character Class and Level:Hunter 80
Your talent spec:Survival
Your "/played" on this character:34 Days

Armory link:http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Outland&cn=Dabis

If you are a hybrid class then please log out in your appropriate gear. (Please describe your gear status if not applicable):

PVE-score via Gearscore:5217

If your application is accepted do you agree to keeping the character you applied with as your main and also stick with the spec you applied with unless otherwise advised by the officers ? ( This question must be answered to make your application valid ):Of Course, i have to mention though that i know my current spec very well and i have tested several builds to end up with the one i currently use

Alt Characters (Name/Class/level/Server):Have some alts Unholic 80 DK mainly for proffs,Amitas 73 shammy,Magetron 71mage and some low lvls.

Raid experience (Pre-TBC & Post-TBC):Played only on privates since 1.8.0
Raid experience (WoTLK):10s Ony OS VoA Naxx ToC Uld(till Vezax) 25s Naxx OS VoA Ony ToC Uld(3-4 Bosses)

What makes you interested in joining Elysium?: Because iam in search of an end-game raiding guild who is not so hardcore but still serious on progressing

Why do you think you would be a good addition to Elysium?: I am pretty adoptable and i can add some talent and experience to the guild

Are you always raid ready with reagents for buffs and stocked up on food buffs, pots and flasks?: Yup

Do you have a working microphone, and Ventrilo installed?: Yup

What guilds, on Outland or your original server, were you previously in?: Hmmm,Ressurection->Endless Hope

Why did you leave each of your previous guilds?1st Disbanded 2nd Disbanded didnt join the 3rd one which was created from former members of the previous 2 cause i couldnt raid much at that time

What do you expect from us?: Understanding,friendly atmosphere and ofc guild progression Very Happy

Does anyone else play on your account or characters? Nope

Do you have previous MMO experience? Played Lineage a bit and some Warcraft 3

What are your professions? (Prof, skill level, specialisation) Skinning/LW with Hunter Mining/JC with DK

What time can you raid till on weekdays? (Server Time) from 19.00 to 23.00-24.00
Is your connection stable(dc often in 25 mans?), your computer good enough to raid with? Connection is prty good my pc sucks a bit but i can handle it Very Happy

If you wish to raid with the guild are you able to attend on atleast 3 nights a week? Sure

Do you know anyone in Elysium? Please write their name(s) and your relationship with them:i am afraid none

Is there anyone who would be willing to be your sponsor? (A sponsor is a good friend who feels that you are definately a good addition to Elysium, therefore giving you an advantage.) List name(s) please: Again none Sad

And finally, please tell us a bit about yourself:i am in college at this time and i love sports music and pc games I am pretty social,can handle criticism,have a sense of humour what else you want ? Very Happy (and i speak fluent English)

Tell us a joke (nothing offensive):
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PostSubject: Re: New Application Dabis Survival Hunter   New Application Dabis Survival Hunter EmptyFri Mar 05, 2010 9:04 am

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - We are full on hunters good luck in finding a guild.
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New Application Dabis Survival Hunter
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